How it Feels

So, you know how it feels when you bail out of your plane over the Himalayas and make your way to a village in northern India where the poor villagers believe you have been sent by Shiva to retrieve a sacred stone, along with the village children, from evil forces in the nearby Pankot Palace? … Continue reading How it Feels


Dear D.

Dear D, Sometimes I'll take the time to write about my own heart on Write Now. And to get back into the swing of things after a disappointingly long time away from the blog, this is one of those times. I dreamt about you last night. Or... I suppose nightmare may be the more appropriate term, given that I awoke … Continue reading Dear D.

In that Space Between Seconds

I think a lot, sometimes to the point of inducing panic or paralysis, about the razor-sharp edge that defines the barrier. You know, the space between seconds. That slice of time when something happens that irrevocably changes the trajectory of a life and forever alters one's heart. That split second when a doctor gives a dreaded … Continue reading In that Space Between Seconds