PBquote012Heroes, giants, wizards, true love (twoo wuv) and more.

I just looked up the year The Princess Bride movie was released: 1987. Thirty. Years. Can you believe it!? Inconceivable!

Based on a novel of the same name by William Goldman, it’s still one of the most quotable flicks of all time. I should know; I was a serial offender and remain one to this day. In fact, I have a hard time stifling my amazement when I rattle off a line, and get a quizzical look in return. How do you not know (how does anyone not know) every single line by heart?


Quote-ability and endearing cast (the aforementioned heroes, giants and wizards, along with princesses, and pirates) aside, the story has a lot to offer — including an examination of the concept of true love.

True love: It’s a phrase we all hear thrown about all the time. People refer to it in conversation, in poems, in stories, as if we all know what it means. It’s the topic of countless print and online articles teasing apart what it is, what it’s like to have it, how it feels to lose it, and the lengths some people will go to find it again or to get it back.

I think we probably all have a general sort of idea about true love, right? A gut instinct. A familiar ideal. A common concept. But drilling down just a bit very quickly reveals that true love is surprisingly hard to define.

What are the specifics? What does it really boil down to? What are the minimum requirements that must be met for love to qualify as true? Can anyone find true love? Is there a single definition able to capture its essence?

A google search for “true love definition” brings up 6,370,000 results, and a quick scan of those results suggests there may be as many different definitions as there are people to formulate them.

For the novel-in-progress, I plan to explore the meaning of true love in future blog posts here at Write Now. Certainly, despite the fact that so many definitions exist, there must at least be some commonalities among them that could help tease out what it takes for love to be classified as true, wouldn’t you think?

Should anyone visit this page and have a moment to comment, I’d like to ask:

  1. Have you experienced true love?
  2. How would you define true love?
  3. Can true love ever be lost?




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