OK, well… It took significantly longer than “under an hour” to set up my site here on WordPress. I really hadn’t thought I was that technically challenged, but the reality of the situation is that it took me several hours last night to get Right Now looking anywhere close to what I was aiming for, and I’ve spent another half hour this morning putting on the finishing touches. I’m sure I’ll discover additional features I’d like to incorporate and other changes I’d like to make, but I’m calling it good for now.

A friend of mine from a while back, when asked what her favorite types of stories were, always used to say “beginnings.” She liked that magical feeling of sliding into a story. All the setup, all the promise and expectations. I can’t say I favor the beginning over any other part of a story, but this one means a lot to me as it launches the vehicle through which I plan to document findings that may have relevance to my novel, as well as the writing process and my progress throughout the journey.

It’s a little early to be calling for comments, but to anyone who finds this post: If you have tips or tricks to share about how to make WordPress, or blogging in general, work for authors, please leave a comment below.

All right then. Here we go!




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